Van một chiều cối

Các thông số kỹ thuật của van một chiều cối

FeaturesMaterial Specifications
Design STDDIN EN 558-21.BodyCF8M, CF8, CF3M, CF3, WCB Etc.
Testing StandardDIN 32302.DiscCF8M, CF8, CF3M, CF3, WCB Etc.
RatingPN25/PN403.Star (Yoke)CF8M, CF8, CF3M, CF3, WCB Etc.
SizeDN15 - DN1504.SpringSS 316., SS 304, SS 316L, 304L Etc.


Salient Features
1.Investment Castings Body, Star, Disc
2.Metal to Metal Zero Leak Proof and also Available in Rubber / PTEF Seating on bluk requirement


Details of Dimension
SizeDN 15DN 20DN 25DN 40DN 50DN 65DN 80DN 100DN 150
D115 mm19 mm25 mm40 mm50 mm65 mm80 mm100 mm150 mm
L17 mm20 mm23 mm32 mm40 mm46 mm50 mm60 mm105 mm
D242 mm52 mm63 mm85 mm95 mm115 mm133 mm154 mm222 mm
D356 mm67 mm80 mm101 mm104 mm136 mm154 mm184 mm252 mm


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